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Eric Walters - Author
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Book: Paperback | 210 x 133mm | 256 pages | ISBN 9780143168102 | 16 Sep 2008 | Puffin Canada | 8 - 12 years
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Brian, his mom, and his sister Jennie have left their Manhattan home for a canoe trip in Northern Quebec in order to scatter the ashes of Brian’s father, whose most cherished memories were of his childhood summers spent at a boy scout camp. Although the trip starts out well enough, it soon becomes clear that the 3 are in over their heads—literally, in Brian’s case—when they take a wrong turn into rapids! It is only the quick action of an old man named Pierre that saves Brian from drowning. Seeing just how ill-equipped the family is to complete their journey safely, Pierre kindly offers to guide them to their destination. Along the way Brian faces his grief and his deepest fears of life without his father while developing a friendship with Pierre, who turns out to be somebody far more important than Brian could have imagined…

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IODE Violet Downey Book Award: Shortlist 2009